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HossFit founder Horace Wyche (Hoss) has been a Coach & Fitness Training Instructor in Cincinnati since 2002. Horace is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Boot Camp Instructor, and Fitness Coach. Hoss possesses a wide range of active professional training experience in health and wellness programs and uses his enthusiasm and drive to help you achieve results. 

More than a Gym Jock! Hoss studied Computer Science and has an extensive technical background as well. He was an IT Consultant assisting Executive Leadership teams at P&G and Hewlett Packard for 26 years before he decided to pursue his fitness dreams. His passion for technology is a driving factor in the evolution of HossFit, as he looks to incorporate digital fitness technology into his business model. 

What exactly is HossFit? It’s a catchphrase, a fitness initiative, and now a business! HossFit began as an initiative is to encourage people to get healthy & fit. Throughout his life – from his time as a gymnast in high school to competitive bodybuilding, he’s had the benefit of coaches who helped guide him to success. He understands how valuable it is to have a fitness coach in your life, regardless of where you’re at in your fitness journey. Coaching helps people understand the important balance of physical exercise, mental wellness, and nutrition and provides accountability and a support system. 

In 2015 Hoss partnered with a couple friends and purchased what became known as Average Joes Gym. Hoss started working closely with the community of Mt. Washington in Cincinnati to encourage residents to get out, meet their neighbors and get fit. He has also been extensively involved in supporting the Cincinnati Go Vibrant initiative, whose goal is to help people live an active & energetic lifestyle. 

On July 1st, 2019 Hoss struck out on his own and opened his first HossFit Digital Fitness Clinic! In addition to the training & nutrition services offered at HossFit, he offers corporate wellness training programs to affiliated businesses in downtown Cincinnati. HossFit is a RESULTS DRIVEN program that specializes in helping individuals achieve short- and long-term fitness goals, from routine preventative care to complete body transformations!

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